Zen Forest

Zen Forest

As you work your way up the mountain trail, you notice fewer leafy trees and more and more conifers.  It’s a sure sign you are getting close to the top.  You stop to catch a breath and can’t help but take in the wonderful smell that the spruce and fir trees are blessing you with.  It’s almost as if the air is cleaner, fresher, lighter. 

Fast forward two weeks… back home from this epic wilderness trek, you step into the shower with your new bar of Zen Forest.  The hot water and steam activate the essential oils of Fir Needle, Pine, Juniper Berry, and Spruce, instantly transporting you back to that mountain, to that day, where you remember the air, the breeze, and the exhilaration of the view that the mountaintop rewarded you with after your long hike. 

Like all our soaps, this formulation starts with organic oils of sunflower, coconut, palm, and safflower.  Then, unlike most other soaps, we leave in the glycerin, creating a super moisturizing bar that is suited for all skin types.  Take your magical journey back to that mountain hike every day when you lather up with Zen Forest.


Train Dirty...Recover Clean.  Power Clean Soap for Athletes is made for you, the hardcore athlete who gives your all at the CrossFit box or on the martial arts mat; pounds the pavement in your running shoes or slugs through an obstacle course race; slings some iron at the gym or sweats it out in the hot yoga studio.  

High Glycerin Content

Our soap contains 10% glycerin, created during the saponification process (the chemical process that turns the fats/oils into soap).  Glycerin is a natural moisturizer and  humectant which can help keep your skin moist and properly hydrated.  Glycerin is also known for its properties that work to heal dry, rough and irritated skin.

Contains NO Parabens, Chemical Surfactants, or Synthetic Fragrances

This high quality soap is made with an 100% organic base of coconut oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, and palm oil AND has no synthetic fragrances, dyes, or preservatives.  Our purely herbal soap is scented with essential oils only and colored with organic herbs and plant extracts for a truly natural experience.  No chemical surfactants such as sodium laurel sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate are used.  You will see these added to cheap commercial soaps to make them lather better.  Our soap doesn't need these potentially irritating compounds because of the quality organic oils we use as our soap base.

Naturally Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties

Several ingredients of this soap have been shown to be naturally antibacterial and antifungal.  Post-workout skin is an ideal environment to stimulate the growth of these nasties.   

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amy E.
Awesome soap

Smells wonderful and very refreshing!

Timothy B.
The guy that told me about it is a cool dude

Awesome. Love the stuff.

Susan A.
Smells Great

This was bought for two teenage smells great.

Renee H.
Love it!!

This is my favorite soap. The scents are amazing and not overpowering and the bars last. Mu hubby and I both use it. Been buying it for 5 years!

Rafael M.
Really clean after a workout

Normally we use regular soap purchased at Walmart, Kroger and Costco but all of them don't clean. I have dry skin and in fall/winter is when the problems start and I had to use Cetaphil or itches start to happen in my arms and legs. Sometimes after a wod you are so exhausted that you just lay down in the ground of box right I do the same and some times I just got some itchiness in the back that I had to treat with some anti-fungal cream.
Well, this soap help me in those 2 problems. First it's glycerin based and this help with the dry skin and second the cleaning properties help avoid the fungi/bacteria/wherever happens when you just lay down in the ground sweat.
So, it's working for me and if you have similar problems it's worth it.