About us

We are just a normal couple with 2 kids, two dogs and two cats who work regular 9-5 jobs. We wanted to bring our Crossfit Community and the athletic community as a whole a soap that would help them feel better and be better athletes. We have been avid Crossfitters for over three years. My husband is a Level 1 Certified Crossfit coach and has been coaching for several years. I am just a regular ole mom who does Crossfit about three times a week to help ward off extra pounds and give me some much needed stress relief.

Just a couple of regular folks... with AWESOME Soap!

We love nothing more than a hardcore workout but also wanted an awesome soap to clean off all the sweat and odor from the box. We have hunted far and wide for a good soap that would achieve this purpose. We have looked at various organic marketplaces but have been unsuccessful finding a soap which would help our exhausted bodies feel rejuvenated and help soothe our sore muscles. Therefore, we decided to source our own soap blend that would be made with all natural organic products and would provide essential oils to help relieve muscle soreness and re-energize the mind. Out of this came our Power Clean Soap for Athletes. It is jam packed with some amazing ingredients that will help heal, soothe and energize your skin.