Active Charcoal Bar 4oz


You step into the shower feeling completely spent after a Saturday morning Hero WOD. You are thinking of how you can get out of commitments you’ve made for the day. The water hits the top of your head and you begin to feel the day’s workout slipping down the drain. You reach for the new, black bar of soap, curiously wondering how in the world that is going to get you clean. You bring it up to your nose and smell it. The scent goes to your soul. Your eyes open a bit wider and you start scrubbing. The suds are just delicious. They tingle. They are cool and every fiber of your muscles begins to awaken and feel re-energized. Suddenly you realize you’ve made a shampoo Mohawk and you are doing your best Pete Townsend guitar moves. Sticky and sweaty skin is replaced with clean, smooth, refreshed skin. Loaded with activated charcoal, dead sea mud, essential oils of scotch pine, cedarwood, and fir needle but absolutely nothing artificial, Power Clean Soap’s Active Charcoal is just what you need to get your skin clean and make your shower magical.

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