How big are the bars?

Power Clean Soap bars are more dense than typical grocery store soaps. Soap is sold by weight, not volume, and our bars weigh 4 ounces. Sometimes grocery store soaps are whipped up with air to look larger, but end up weighing the same or less.

How long will a bar last?

Stored properly in your shower, your Power Clean Soap will last a long time. We can’t tell you exactly because, well, everyone showers a little different. The key to making it last the longest is to store it on a wire type rack that allows it to dry between showers. Built-in soap dishes in the shower are usually a no-no because they don’t drain very well, leaving the bar sitting in water. Our bars contain lots and lots of glycerin, which is amazing for your skin because it is a natural moisturizer/humectant. It also will cause your bar of Power Clean Soap to absorb water and get mushy.

Can I use it on my face?

Only the parts covered by skin. Seriously though, keep it out of your eyes, and your mouth (unless you are being punished for saying something you weren’t supposed to say). 

(Oh, and yes, you can use it on your face.)

Will I become an elite athlete if I start using this soap?

Yes 100% guaranteed*.

*(note: in addition to using Power Clean Soap, you must also train like an elite athlete, putting in long hours and sacrificing much, while also possessing natural talent and a drive to succeed. Your diet should likely be dialed in, as well as sleep. Listen to your coaches and trainers. Do all these things with relentless tenacity, and use Power Clean Soap every time you step into the shower).

Where is the wonderful sodium laurel sulfate?

There is no such thing. Sodium Laurel Sulfate is a non-wonderful surfactant added to cheap soap so it will bubble and suds up. It’s the fake-news of additives, and you don’t need it. What you need is real soap for a real clean.  Ditch the soaps with SLS, and pick up some Power Clean Soap.  Your skin will thank you.